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Learning Consultant & Senior Trainer

It's been 12 years since I work with organisations delivering training and e-learning solutions.

In this years I worked with different types of organisations; from start-ups and corporations to non-governmental organisations and public institutions.


I like to say that I develop and deliver smart learning experiences to increase the performance of people in organisations.


What are smart learning experiences? They are experiences developed quickly, adaptable and that respond to the needs of those who learn, regardless of whether the learning takes place in the classroom or online. They are modern and visually stimulating. They are aligned with the latest discoveries in the field of learning and multimedia.


Also, what do I mean by "increasing the performance of people in organisations"? When the situation calls for it, I perform needs analyses to identify the causes of performance differences. If these differences can be resolved through training, continue with the analysis of work tasks and interviewing experts to identify meaningful performance goals. From here, I align my goals, assessments and content to ensure that the product I develop will have an impact on the real world.

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